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We all live through different phases in life. There are 7.8 billion people on the planet today, and each of us will encounter various circumstances every day. But whatever decision you make every day has consequences later on, therefore you must choose intelligently. You’ll enjoy a life simulation in 100 Years Life Simulator Mod APK that lets you live to be 100 years old. However, to do so, you’ll have to overcome several intriguing challenges and make the best decision!

If you enjoy life simulation games, this may be the best one yet. Voodoo released this game, which allows players to live their lives until they are 100 years old if they play their cards correctly. You must make the appropriate decisions in order to develop in the game from the start. You’ll be given a choice between a vase and a knight as an infant, for example. Whatever you pick in this game, you’ll have to deal with the consequences!

What is the 100 Years Life Simulator Mod APK?

VOODOO made a fun game called 100 Years: Life Simulator. Your primary objective in this game is to live life as far as possible and try to die as late as possible. The main character finds himself in numerous ludicrous circumstances, and it is entirely up to you what decision he will make in each of these situations. The protagonist has many alternatives for the situation’s development often. The protagonist must be the right option for you to keep her happy and alive for as long as possible. Take control of a young hero, obey your parents, go to school, get your first job, meet a girlfriend, start a family, and so on. In every game, there will always be an issue to overcome.

Highlight features of 100 Years Life Simulator Mod APK


We all live our lives, however lengthy or brief it may be. Nothing in this world is permanent except for the fact that we will all eventually die. But even so, nothing can prevent us from living our greatest lives in search of pleasure, comfort, and hobbies. In 100 Years, you’ll try to survive as long as possible for up to 100 years. You’ll live out your life from 0 to 100 in this game, attempting a variety of objectives. In this game, you’ll face various challenges each year of your life. For example, when you’re a youngster, you’ll be asked to choose between a vase and a toy. If you pick the vase, it might horribly backfire; but if you select the toy, you’ll just play with it. You see, in this game, as in reality, the aim is to live as long as possible without dying! Is it possible for you to accomplish it? Will you be able to overcome many of life’s difficulties and win?

100 years mod apk

From birth to death

Make sure your character survives a century without dying and makes the correct decisions. Every year is full of peril, with the exception of maybe two or three years in life. The primary character may suffocate to death if he’s trapped inside a ball or drowned in a pool while still an infant. He can drown in the pool as a youngster, and he might commit suicide by leaping off the roof due To unhappy love as an adult. You alone have control over what you do. One year in the game equals one level. At almost every level, you have to make a choice of how to act in a given situation. Very often, the right choice will save your life or even prolong it for several years. Unlike real life, 100 Years: Life Simulator has in-game saves. This is perhaps the only fundamental difference between the project and our reality.

100 years life simulator mod apk download

Create your own choice

The choices that 100 Years: Life Simulator often offers to players are rarely simple. His entire life path is a straight line that runs through many branches, although it has many offshoots. For example, at the age of 20, you must select a lady from a dating app. There are numerous ladies there, including a 35-year-old woman. You can also like someone in the game. The game will progress depending on who you choose. When all is said and done, there are five different pathways in the twentieth year of life (fork). There are two or three more of the – four or five. The selection is determined not just by the character’s future events, but also by his lifespan. After all, if you get hooked on cigarettes, you may cut your life short considerably. Playing sports, on the other hand, has been shown to extend lifespans.

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Various situations in life

100 Years: Life Simulator offers a unique feature in that it frequently places the player in odd, strange, and amusing situations. For instance, a young guy takes his first job – he becomes a secretary for an important lady. One day she asks you to make coffee; however, the girl doesn’t like the drink you made – and she throws it away. After that, you have two alternatives to pick from: either clean up the coffee spilled on the floor or merely strike this woman so as not to be conceited. The second choice will not help you at all. Another example: you really wanted to use the toilet. If you’re playing as a guy, it’s only natural that you go to the men’s room. The only booth, on the other hand, is taken. You barge in and accidentally break something important while searching for somewhere private to relieve yourself.

100 years life simulator apk

Captivating visuals and sounds

The game has simple and uncomplicated graphics, typical for projects from developers. At the same time, there is no sound in the game at all, which is bad enough.


100 Years: Life Simulator Mod APK is a simulator game with an excellent concept that has few parallels in the Market. Live a full and eventful life, avoiding hazards and accepting challenges with pride as they come your way.


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